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All participants must have a valid Get Nerfed waiver completed/signed prior to entering the Battle Arena and/or participating in any activities presented on the premises.

Waivers are valid for 12-months.


Those under 18 must have their waiver completed/signed by their parent or legal guardian.

Please click the button below to E-Sign your waiver.


When it comes to battling it out at the local Nerf Battle Arena, anything goes.  It doesn’t take much to have a good time.  If you’re looking to battle with your buddies, co-workers, family or fellow students for glory, honor, and bragging rights, Get Nerfed provides a great outlet for youth and adults to embrace their inner child.

Typically, the rules of play will differ depending on the game variant that is being played.  If there is a general consensus for or against a certain rule, it can be added or omitted.  When it comes down to it, the rules of the game are up to you - for the most part!  However, there are several guidelines and general courtesy staples that those must be followed at Get Nerfed.

Safety Rules

Safety is the most important feature of any Nerf battle.  Our Nerf battles are for friendly competition, thrilling strategy contests, and an overall great time.  Nerf battles are not for serious injuries or trips to the hospital.  Safety rules are the most important of Nerf war rules, and should be followed diligently in order for everyone to have a good time.

  • No physical contact.  The first safety rule is one of the most important.  There is no hitting, kicking, pushing, pulling, wrestling, or physical attacking involved in any of the Nerf games.  The only physical contact that should be made with another player is in the form of tapping, which is used to get someone “out”, to “revive” someone, or to save them from a hostage situation.

  • No intentional face shots.  We get it, sometimes you accidentally hit the face and that’s okay.  As long as you are not intentionally aiming right between the eyes, you can simply apologize for a face shot and move on.

  • Always wear eye protection.  During your Nerf war battles, it’s important to keep on protective eyewear at all times.  This can protect you from those accidental face shots from the enemy team, as well as keep you from taking penalties.

  • Melee weapons are not allowed.  Get Nerfed does not have any game modes that encourage the use of melee weapons.

Combat Rules

Safety rules are entailed by combat rules, which are tied closely to the instructions of each game or match.  While combat rules may differ for your team, there is a general way of doing things that makes it much easier to coordinate a battle:

  • Do not leave the base until the main whistle blows.  There is a warning whistle about 30 seconds before the main whistle, which can release you into the battle.

  • Play honestly.  If you get hit, that makes you dead or wounded.  Make sure to play fair and fall down if you do get hit.

  • Players decide how many hits to take before being declared as “out”.  In a typical Nerf war, players are only allowed to become hit once before they are out.  Once a player is out, they must return to the base to respawn, or they can lay on the ground and wait until a teammate revives them by tapping on their body with their hand.  A player’s ability to respawn or become revived by a teammate depends on the amount of lives they have.  The amount of lives is typically established before the game.

  • Other rules can be established.  Before the battle begins, your team and the enemy team can discuss a custom set of rules to put in place.

  • Hits to the head and torso count as kills.  Hits in all other locations, such as the arms, legs, or side, count as injuries but not deaths.

  • If you die on your last life, you must leave the game.  This includes laying down your weapon and your bullets on the ground, and leaving the playing area as immediately as you can.

  • Teams can be uneven.  Typically, the number of people on each team is equal; however, teams can be uneven due to skill.  Most Nerf battlers like to balance teams based on ability and player skill rather than just sheer numbers.


By playing fairly, everyone can have a smooth Nerf battle.  It’s never fun being the one to get hit, but the deaths and lives system is what helps the teams determine who wins.

Equipment Rules

  • Don’t use damaged darts.  Damaged darts will jam your gun.  It’s best to leave a damaged dart on the ground.

  • Do not throw darts.  Nerf darts are made to be loaded into your gun, and should be treated like actual bullets.  They cannot be thrown.

  • Try not to damage the darts.  You should avoid stepping on, stuffing, or roughly handling darts. They damage easily.

  • You are NOT allowed to move battle ground equipment.


General Rules

In general, there are a set of rules that should always be followed when establishing parameters and guidelines:

  • Wristbands are NON transferable.  They must be worn on the wrist at all times.

  • Only Nerf guns may be used.  No water guns or other toys.

  • Do not throw or drop guns.  Nerf guns can break easily!

  • You can loot ammo anywhere you see it.  After the battle is over, all weapons must be returned to the a Get Nerfed Arena Game Master in the designated area.

  • No going outside of battle zones.  This applies to any Nerf war game type.

  • When the battle ends, you must leave the field, rescan your bracelet and  ready up for battle again!


By following the rules of honor, safety, combat, and equipment, you can be on your way to having a smooth and fun Nerf war course.  Understanding Nerf war rules can bring you closer to figuring out which type of Nerf battle you’d like to have.  Other than the safety rules and general rules, these rules can be changed or modified according to what you and your team agree on.


*Ask us how to reserve a Nerf War event for your next corporate event, field trip, birthday party or fundraiser!

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