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Party package options

It's Your PARTY -
Have a Blast


Nerf parties are successful with 6 years and older.  Kids need to be able to prime and shoot their blasters for successful battles!  We offer a Little Athletes Package for those not ready for battle.

Who doesn't want to celebrate with a fun and action-packed activity?  Get Nerfed Battle Arena is a party fun-zone in the Kansas City area, providing a safe and active experience like no other.  Party guests will be hosted by their very own Arena Game Master, aka party host/referee, and will play a variety of game modes on a private game field for a total of approximately 90-minutes.


Contact Get Nerfed Battle Arena today and speak to one of our team members about booking the ENTIRE facility!

All Parties include (excluding team party):

- 10 kids (# includes birthday kid) you may add more,

   call if more than 20 guests

- Approximately 60-minutes of field games

- Approximately 30-minutes in the party area

- Party plates, napkins & tablecloth included

- Designated Arena Game Master (host/referee)

- Private game field

- Large 1-topping pizza

- Bottled water for party guests

- Set-up / Clean-up

- Safety eyewear for players

- Pre-party decoration time allowance (15min)

-Time booked is the time allotted for the party!

- Balance due at time of check in (no worries, we can still add on extra guest)

And it isn't a party unless there is cake!

Don't forget to bring in the cake/cookies!

*NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK - (unless adding cooler option)

**Concessions Available

***Keep the ice cream at home - sticky blasters aren't fun.

We can't keep it cold anyway.

Description of Party Packages Available

Nerf Dart Blaster

Nerf Dart Blaster Parties use a variety of Nerf Dart Blasters that take advantage of the most common sized Nerf Dart on the market.  Although common, this Nerf Dart comes in a variety of colors and has proven itself over time and remains the most widely used ammo in the Nerf lineup.  The impact is minimal and safe for young, small children when the proper safety equipment is used.  

Classic Strongarm_edited.png

Nerf Rival Blaster

Nerf Rival Blaster Parties use a variety of Nerf Rival Blasters for game play.  The Rival Blasters use the small yellow high-impact ammo rounds.  These rounds create an accurate, consistent shot with high velocity capability.  Nerf recommends most Rival Blasters as 14+ due to their precision and high impact nature.  Proper safety equipment is always required.


Nerf MEGA Blaster Party

Intimidating?  No doubt.  Impressive?  Without question.  It's easy to see that the Nerf MEGA lineup is made up of some big firepower.  These oversized darts are backed by attention hungry blasters making the MEGA lineup big fun.

Get Nerfed Dodgeball

Get Nerfed Dodgeball Parties are an experience you don't want to miss.  Toe the line, sprint to the center, and start eliminating the other team.  Dodgeball is the perfect fast-paced, exciting, and active party option.  Get Nerfed dodgeball parties are packed with a number of variations to keep up the intensity.

Get Nerfed Dodgeball_edited.png
Nerf Mega Mastadon_edited.png

Fortnite Party Royale

Join us for an epic Fortnite Party Royale with Fortnite-only Nerf Dart Blasters!  Everyone in the party will be equipped with a variety of Fortnite Blasters that will surely create memories.  You better hurry, the bus is about to leave and the storm is coming.


Little Athlete Party
Recommended for ages 7 and younger.  Inflatables and organized sports for your busy little ones who are not quite ready for battle.


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