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Nerf Ultra Dart Team Party

Boasting the farthest flying dart ever, the Nerf Ultra lineup is the gold standard in dart blasters.  These darts fly extreme distances with high velocity and pinpoint accuracy.  The Nerf Ultra Blaster has arrived at the Get Nerfed Battle Arena and will set the stage for an ultimate party experience.

Nerf Ultra Dart Team Party


Starting at

Recommended for Ages 9 & Up

Includes up to 12 Players

Single Shot Ultra Dart Blasters

Private Nerf Field

60 Minutes of Arena Time

Dedicated Party Table(s)

Dedicated Arena Game Master (Party Host/Ref)

Safety Eyewear Provided


Additional Players - $20

1/2 Hour - $50

1 Hour - $100

Pizza - $15

"Bring My Cooler" - $20

Blaster Upgrades Available

*Concessions available for purchase

**Reservation and $150 Deposit Required

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